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The USA EdTech Accelerator is an equity-free, bi-coastal, 3-month program for international EdTech Founders looking to enter the US Market.

Located in NYC, the program will include dedicated access to US market entry-specific resources including immigration, visa support, incorporation and US tax law, US school system structure and overview, strategic marketing and sales. The program provides co-working space and discounted co-living options in NYC and the Bay Area, and will include participation in up to two hyper accelerators that will provide up to 30 1-1 mentor and investor meetings, along with US EdTech market specific consulting, startup metrics and positioning support.

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Work closely with the StartEd team to plug into and build your US EdTech Network of fellow Founders, Investors, Mentors and future Customers. Program is fee based and non-equity, and includes premium office space in the heart of Manhattan, access to StartEd resources, inclusion in the StartEd digital EdTech Ecosystem on slack, admission to all StartEd events, virtual and onsite, and admission to StartEd’s Hyper Accelerator(s). 

Upon completion of the program, Founders may choose to extend their participation for 3 months to complete a total of 4 Hyper Accelerators. 

Who is this for?

International EdTech entrepreneurs with seed to later stage companies interested in expanding into the US market.

Where is it?

Manhattan NYC & Bay Area, California. Co-working spaces will be provided at key edtech hubs in both locations and discounted co-living options will be made available.

How long is it?

3 months with an option to extend to 6

How much does it cost per company?

$5000/month and the program is equity-free.



1-on-1 Mentor & Investor Meetings


US EdTech Market




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We’ve had companies from all over the world come through our accelerator.



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What are you looking for in companies?

We primarily aim to work with for-profit and non-profit companies solving problems for learners, educators, or administrators in pre-k, K-12, HigherEd, Corporate Learning and lifelong/consumer education. With for-profit companies, we support companies raising Seed to Series B rounds. Our criteria for selecting companies in descending order of importance are as follows:

1.        Diverse-minded teams with passion for education

2.        Markets with the opportunity to build companies larger than $50 million in value

3.        Evidence that the company is solving a real problem (ie. users, revenue, partnerships, research/efficacy studies)

4.        A scalable, eventually defensible product that the world needs

When do you make a decision on acceptance to the accelerators and incubator?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. We make offers within 2 weeks of applying.

How much experience does the StartEd team have managing edtech accelerators?

We believe that the best signal of being able to help other edtech founders is having fundraised and built edtech companies, and invested in edtech companies. The team has built companies like SchoolNet, invested in these companies, and is on the board of many others. Furthermore, the team has managed multiple edtech accelerators and worked with 10,000+ edtech founders. Get to know the team here.

What does StartEd offer companies that participate?

EDTECH WEEK, the EdTech Accelerator and the Edtech Incubator are enabled and operated by StartEd. The partnership allows more immediate access to StartEd’s resources, including those below:

  • Participation in EDTECH WEEK, an innovation festival for 1300+ members of the edtech community (ie. edtech investors, educators, policymakers). Participation is limited to 50 edtech companies that are graduates of edtech accelerators from around the world.

  • The most seasoned mentor network of edtech founders, investors, and faculty. Get to know the mentors here.

  • Access to customer networks in K-12, HigherEd, and Corporations

  • Functional specialists in customer development, product development, growth hacking, and pitching

  • Sponsored services (hosting, legal, recruiting services)

  • Co-working space in New York and the Bay Area and the option to reside post-program

  • Become a member of an online community of edtech founders who support each other from around the world via the Edtech Incubator

What does the  USA Edtech Accelerator program look like?

The program has the following structure:

Residency in New York

Week 1-2: Orientation + Startup Fundamentals

Week 3-4: USA Edtech Market Landscape + Marketing 

Week 5-6: *Hyper Accelerator (NYC/Bay Area)*

Week 7-8: Pitching, Positioning, and Fundraising 

Week 9-11:Traction - Users, Revenue, Partnerships, Efficacy

Week 12: *Hyper Accelerator (NYC/Bay Area)*

Does the entire team have to be physically present throughout the USA EdTech program?

We have a residency requirement for the accelerator for the duration of the Hyper Accelerators - 2 weeks out of 12 weeks. In general, its founders’ judgment to make use of the resources offered by the program. If you aren't present, you wouldn’t have the benefit of connecting with the mentors that visit and work out of the space, and you will find it difficult to build relationships with the rest of the cohort. Much of the value in participating in programs is having a close network of peers to depend on, which we enable but you drive. 

We recognize that founders have obligations, both business and personal, that may prevent them from residing in NYC/Bay Area during the full program. Therefore we offer the option of switching between co-founders, or joining in programming remotely when possible--we don’t want to get in the way of building your business.

Would I be able to participate in the accelerator remotely?

See above. Founders must be present onsite for the 2 weeks that consist of 1-week Hyper Accelerators. The rest of the program can be joined virtually but we encourage more time in-person to optimally make use of the opportunity.
What stage is appropriate for a company to apply? 

The accelerators support companies that are post-beta product, but pre-Series C in funding, and any non-profit. We’ve accepted companies with $0+ up to $3,000,000 in revenue.
How many companies are accepted into the cohort? 

We accept cohorts of 10 companies for the Hyper Accelerator and USA EdTech Accelerator

Will co-working space be provided? 

Yes, at a co-working space for edtech founders from around the world, faculty, and students. USA EdTech Accelerator participants will have co-working space in the heart of Manhattan. 

How will I cover expenses in New York?

Depends on the size of your team and preferred quality of life. It’s difficult, but we challenge you to do so. It has been done before. Some tips:

  • Use Cost of Living calculators like the following example to estimate your expenses: Bankrate Cost of Living Comparison

  • If you are visiting or moving to the US, we offer immigration guidance via our legal partners

  • We offer assistance in finding communal ‘startup living’ and/or temporary housing through third parties: e.g. Common, WeLive

  • Research startup resources: The Ultimate Guide to Startup Resources - NYC

  • Flights and transportation are the responsibility of the Founder

What sort of approach do mentors take and what is their time commitment like?

All current mentors have committed to an initial meeting with the cohort, but it’s their prerogative (and yours) to further the relationship. We enable relationship building within the context of the program, but it’s up to you to drive it. Get to know the mentors here. See some of them in action on our YouTube channel

Do you need to be located in New York to apply?

No, we take applications from companies from around the world. If you require a temporary visa to spend up to 3 months in New York, we recommend applying for a temporary tourist visa for the duration of your stay. For more complex visa requirements, StartEd can refer you to our immigration legal partners for assistance. Contact us for help.

Do you provide assistance around visas or immigration?

If you require temporary visa to spend up to 3 months in New York, we recommend applying for a temporary tourist visa for the duration of your stay. For more complex visa requirements, StartEd can refer you to our immigration legal partners for assistance. Contact us for help.

Do you provide assistance in finding housing in New York?

Finding a place to live in New York can be daunting. If you are not from NY and are accepted to the accelerator or incubator, we give you guidance on where to find appropriate temporary housing, including referrals to organizations that temporarily house startup founders, such as Common, WeLive

How much time should we spend on the application?

  • Don’t wait to apply -- you can always add updates to the top of your f6s application.

  • We look for succinct responses to application questions; shorter is better. If you are reaching the character limit often, you are likely spending too much time on it. 

  • On average, applicants spend less than two hours gathering required info and drafting responses on f6s. This excludes time spent on the required team and product video, which shouldn’t take more than an additional hour.

  • Do not spend time ‘producing’ your team and product video -- shot on mobile phone or a group video call recorded on Zoom/Skype/Hangout is fine.

  • Use the application to refine and draft initial thinking about your company. Your responses can be used to answer due diligence questions from potential investors and partners. Keep your responses handy and update them as you evolve your thinking.