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GoCoach is excited to welcome Ted Brodheim to its team of Advisors.

Ted Brodheim is a co-founder of StartEd, an EdTech Accelerator based in NYC that provides EdTech companies and founders with funding and programs that help companies solve the biggest problems in education. He has a long history of supporting the education space, including CIO for the NYC Department of Education and President & Chief Operating Officer of ePals/Cricket Media a global education media company…. Read full article at Cision

JANUARY 2, 2019

The Best Edtech Accelerators Around The World

If you have ambitious plans to start a new edtech company or scale one you already have launched in 2019, the good news is that there is a growing network of support available to help ensure you’re successful. Just a few years ago edtech accelerators were still relatively rare, and many more broadly focused tech accelerators.... Read Full Article at ElearningInside


DECEMBER 30, 2017

NY EdTech Week Highlights Big Apple Startups and Bold Ideas

More than 1000 people gathered last week at NYU’s Washington Square campus to discuss EdTech–entrepreneurs making their pitch, students pondering what to start, and funders looking for the new new thing.... Read Full Article at GettingSmart


DECEMBER 20, 2017

Educators: We Need More From Education Technology

Amid sustained growth in an education technology sector competing to put innovative digital tools in front of students, some educators are lamenting a disconnect between the products entrepreneurs are offering and what schools actually need... Read Full Article at US News & World Report


DECEMBER 19, 2017

Startup Accelerators Hold The Keys To Gender Equity In Tech

As a female entrepreneur, I've become accustomed to being one of the few women in a room full of men — and knowing that my odds of success aren’t just startup slim, they are near impossible. But I've never been one to focus on ‘what is’ because I prefer ‘what could be... Read Full Article at Forbes


DECEMBER 12, 2017

Big Apple: Hub for Education Tech

New York EdTech Week, the global education innovation festival in NYC taking place December 18-20, 2017, attracts over a thousand tech innovators, investors, policymakers, and others, with the goal of making new advancements in education technology. Jonathan Harber, Co-Founder of StartEd and Producer of the event, was with us to discuss the upcoming event... View Full Video at Cheddar


OCTOBER 10, 2017

Getting Gender Equity in EdTech Venture Capital

In education technology – edtech – accelerators, the highly competitive, highly important organizations that make early investments in promising education companies, that leadership and investment imbalance also exists... Read Full Article at The Huffington Post


NFTE | American Graduate Day 2017

Hosted by award winning journalist Soledad O’Brien and broadcast live from the Tisch WNET Studios in NYC, American Graduate Day examines the vital role mentorship plays in the lives of young people and highlights the need for multiple pathways to career success in the 21st century economy... View Full Video on Youtube